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Corporate Governance of Expressway Authority of Thailand (CG)

Corporate Governance of Expressway Authority of Thailand (CG)

Corporate Governance Guideline of Expressway Authority of Thailand 

           Expressway Authority of Thailand (Bangkok) determines to professionally service, be responsible to society and insist on high ethical standard. The practical result of EXAT was judged from the society therefore, board members, directors and staffs should be responsible to the confidential society. Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) corporate governance guideline was established for board members, directors and staffs to insist as the practical guidance and represent the best performance without any conflict of interests. EXAT determines to manage the enterprise with trustworthy, fairness, responsible, consciousness and consistency in community service.  

1. Vision and mission

2. Scope of objective

3. Corporate Governance structure

           3.1 Governance policy of EXAT (Download)

           3.2 The committee

           3.3 Independence

           3.4 EXAT’s board members authority

          3.5 Committee and subcommittee

          3.6 EXAT committee meeting

          3.7 EXAT’s committee self-assessment

          3.8 Conflict of benefits

          3.9 Conflict of beneficial  (Download)

          3.10 Governance policy of EXAT  (Download)

4. Charter of EXAT’s sub-committee and audit committee

          4.1 Charter of the sub-committee  (Download)

          4.2 Charter of the audit committee

5.  Ethical standard (Download)

          5.1 EXAT board members’ ethical standard ’s ethic

          5.2 EXAT directors and staffs’ ethical standard ’ ethic

          5.3 Ethical standard contravention

6. Fact report and inspection process

          6.1 Reports fact to audit committee

          6.2 Complaints consideration process of audit committee

          6.3 Ethical standard contravention

7. Disclosure of information and operating transparency

8. The governor role

9. Corporate governance practical result report

10. Corporate governance news

          10.1 Good corporate governance and ethical activities schedule (Download)

          10.2 CG Day activities (Download)

11. The ethics of EXAT staffs is “Work with hearts”(Download)

12. EXAT staffs ethics assessment  (Download)

13. EXAT’s ethical manual (Download)

14. Good corporate governance manual(Download)