EXAT one-stop service center

Expressway Authority Of Thailand

     According to the policy of government administrative reforms focusing essentially on establishing E-Government, the populace will be transparently and equally served in a flash as a very important person while visiting to government offices. The government therefore targeted other government agencies and state enterprises to set up one-stop service centers. The primary objective of policies on the administrative reform is to help the bureaucracy undergo the metamorphosis into the electronic government (e-Government) to improve the government services to satisfy

     Expressway Authority of Thailand, Ministry of Transport, has located EXAT One-Stop Service Center by employing up-to-date Information Communication Technology (ICT) to handle our service performance effectively and rapidly with adequate information technological system for meeting the policy and resolving problems in performance.

     EXAT One-Stop Service Center is at the EXPRESSWAY AUTHORITY OF THAILAND EXAT Expressway Administration Center 111 Rim Khlong Bang Kapi Rd., Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310

The objective
          1. To facilitate populace with excellent and fast service when visiting EXAT

          2. To decrease the time-consuming procedures, which leading to the improved management and organizational effectiveness

          3. To enhance the functionality of the e-Government

          4. To improve performance to be E-Government

               ๐ The financial affairs
                    – To distribute Easy Pass device and toll coupon
                    – To Top-up money in Easy Pass card/ set up, and change toll card
                    – To issue tax invoice after the top-up of Easy Pass card and purchase of toll ticket
                    – To issue tax invoice for those who pay toll by cash
                    – To receive the rental fee for EXAT property and postal purchase cost

               ๐ The scrutiny on the land expropriation
               ๐ The news and information 
               ๐ Steps of Service

                     Step 1 – Get advice, fill up a form, and check documents at the information desk

                     Step 2 – Receive a queue number from the desk (The queuing has two parts of information, the service type and the number)

                     Step 3 – Contact a counter corresponding to the number you hold
                              – The automatic voice is used for queuing. The number and service type will be consistent with the counter number which is shown on a board

                              – The queue number is in order of the counter responsible for each service

                     Step 4 – Receive a certification, a receipt after payment or an arrangement paper for the next appointment (in case the procedures take more time to be finished).

Note: The EXAT one-stop service center opens daily from 8.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.