Service for motorists

Service for motorists

Communication and equipment

         The Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) has provided an expressway control centering with communication officers serving as coordinators with the emergency rescuer unit officer. As well as coordination with the police who are on duty on the expressway and main road below to serve the users for 24 hours. The communication devices are employed to facilitate service such as CCTV, surveillance camera mounted on a toll basis along the route to check on the traffic conditions and incidents. This allows the users confident that they will get help immediately in case of emergency.

Emergency phone installation (ETS)

          An Emergency phone is installed at every one kilometer on the expressway. Users, therefore, use the phone to communicate with staffs at the control center by pressing the steel bar or the green call button to call in to the control center.  The communication officers can see the users via the CCTV nearest located at the phone from which the users are calling. The audio and video will records the interactions between the users and officer.

Variable Message Sign (VMS)

       The Expressway Authority informs the use of the traffic conditions and important events through the VMS installed before the junction on the expressway.

     Traffic management coordination is a daily task run by EXAT traffic officers and polices officers from the expressway police station to provide users rapidness and traffic flow, especially, during the rush hours.

          – In order to remind the users of careful driving, the traffic signals with cautions of speed limit, rain and directions are installed on the expressway.

EXAT thinks of users’ safety first.  In addition, the weighting points for trucks are set up on the right-hand side of each toll plaza. According to the law, overloaded trucks are not allowed to drive on the expressway. 

– In case of an accident or engine failure during driving on the expressway, the rescue team shortly comes assist the users.  Unless the problems are fixed, the team will help propel the cars from the expressway to the nearest area without any charge. However, in event that an accident leaves causes chemical substance or residues, which cause the expressway dirty, the drivers are responsible for the cost of cleaning.

– In case that the users’ cars run out of gas, the rescue team will hasten to handle the difficulties with care.  The car will fuel up enough only for driving to the nearest gas station.  The gas price will be the car users’ responsibility.