Strategic Operating of EXAT/ Vision and Mission in 2021 (October 2020-September 2021) Strategic Operating issue

According to the Cabinet’s resolution on March 6, 1984, the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) has been establishing the corporate plan and annual action plan since the fiscal year 1985 as EXAT’s strategic operation guideline to follow the same direction as the country’s development guidelines. Specifically, EXAT’s rolling plans are systematically designed to be flexible and adjustable to circumstances both inside and outside the corporate while regularly having a forward looking plan and being able to forecast prospective situation. These plans are also in accordance with annual budgeting through the Performance Based Budgeting System.          

In order to achieve the targeted vision, strategic operating needs to be formulated. In term of strategic operating formulation, both external and internal environment assessment were analyzed by using TOWS Matrix as strategic formulation tool. In each formulated strategic operating, organization’s strengths and opportunities will be considered to formulate the strategic operating to strengthen the organization meanwhile weakness and limitation will be also considered in order to improve organization’s weakness and limitation into strength in the future respectively. Strategic operating of EXAT was summarized as follows; 

First strategy: Expand the expressway network and provide sustainable services.

Second strategy: Manage and utilize EXAT’s assets efficiently.

Third strategy: Build sustainability to society, community, and environment.

Fourth strategy: Advance EXAT to become an organization of the future.


“Commitment to advance expressway development to sustainably provide excellent services that are worthwhile, convenient, prompt, and safe.”  


1) To provide, develop and improve the expressway towards compliance of standards and safety.

2) To provide innovative and value-added services.

3) To manage its assets efficiently to enhance the competitiveness in expressway business and social benefits.

4) To develop administrative management and investment for a value-added organization.  

Corporate Goals 

1) The business turnover grows with stability.

2) The services are provided with high quality, promptness, and safety.

3) The expressways and assets are exercised to their full capacity.

4) It is a learning organization that is well prepared for changes and adjustment in the future.

5) The organization is under good governance management.  

Core Values 

“Excellent service, visionary innovations, and transparently accountable.”